Who We Are

Diversifying energy sector and adding
efficiency to digital transformation

Our Company

Turning businesses in future leaders!

We're a software consulting company primarily focusing on the Energy and Commodity domain. Our goal is to enable digital transformation and technology modernization to deliver business objectives. Odyx Technology’s services are designed to help businesses spot their key issues and solve them with a personalized solution that doubles the productivity level to manifolds.
We work closely with each client to understand the true application of technology in their business structure. Choose any service, share any project requirement, Odyx Technology will always step forward with a perfect solution to your business problems. With our team of technical and domain experts, we take every project with the same zeal and excitement to create value for our clients.

Our Story

From inspiration to implementation!

We wanted to share technology’s true potential with the business world so we formed Odyx Technology! We pride ourselves in creating and nurturing high potential teams and a great culture. We are a team of software and domain experts with a focus on the energy and commodity domain. Our goal is to empower businesses by implementing the best in digital transformation and technology modernization.

With our team of experienced professionals, we take every project with the same zeal and excitement to create something valuable for our clients to ensure that our solutions meet their expectations upon project completion.

Our Mission

Introducing efficient software solutions!

We believe in creating high potential teams, people who come together to solve problems, commit themselves to nothing short of excellence and deliver beyond expectations. Our aim is to introduce technology-based solutions that actually offer value to the end consumers against their investment and time.

Odyx Technology aims at equipping the clients with solutions that are scalable, practical, and meet their core needs. And this is the reason that we devised an open culture where suggestions are welcomed from clients as well as our team members to seek the most ideal solution while working together on each project. With Odyx Technology, you get to receive the ideal project suggestions that’s visible in the final product, too.

Our Vision

Preparing business for a digital tomorrow!

Preparing business for a digital tomorrow! We dream of enabling every business to identify its real challenges and spot opportunities faster via various software tools & solutions that we've to offer. Our vision is to keep every business at the front of the technology horizon with the tide of development and new software trends that reshape the business spectrums at the end of every decade.

Odyx Technology strives to simplify the complex technology myths for businesses with limited technology literacy. And we want to educate our valued clients with the true potential of incorporating software solutions into their existing business models for increasing productivity, profitability, and business stability.

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